Training the basics

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Training the Basics One of the biggest problems we find that owners who struggle with their dogs have is; a dog who is inattentive, reactionary, and impulsive. They have a dog who sees, hears, smells something and instantly reacts. Usually they ignore all commands, and blow off the owner to do what they desire. A […]

Training Calmness

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Training Calmness Have you ever been in a panic? Of course, we all have. But thinking back to that moment, did you make clear and rational decisions? For example, you’re running late for work so you rush out the door. While driving, you take more risks like speeding, running stop signs or traffic lights, tailgating […]

Addressing Leash Reactivity

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Addressing Leash Reactivity Recently we published a video to our Facebook feed showing a client and his dog. This dog was constantly pulling to sniff the ground, or smell a bush, randomly changing directions, just all over the place during the walk. This same dog would then bark, yelp, screech, lunge, spin, and drag when she saw […]

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Calm K9 Training

Beacuse a calm dog is a happy dog