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Whether your furry friend is struggling with jumping, excessive barking, severe fear, or aggression, our team of experienced trainers is here to help you. We understand that every dog is unique, and we will tailor our training sessions to meet your dog’s specific needs and personality, guaranteeing the most effective and long-lasting results. You can count on us to work tirelessly with you and your pup until we achieve success.

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Expert Training

Calm K9 Training has expertise to help you and your furry friend overcome any obstacle. Our trainers provide comprehensive solutions for dogs of any breed and with any type of behavioral issue. We take a unique approach by focusing on building a strong, trusting bond with your furry companion and teaching them to make good choices, rather than simply following obedience commands.

Our experienced trainers are skilled in resolving a variety of issues, including aggression, anxiety, fear, leash aggression, pulling on leash, jumping on people, counter surfing, stealing food, chewing and destruction, excessive barking, running away, not listening, growling, snapping, biting, door bolting, cat aggression, and the chasing game. Any and all behavioral problems you may be experiencing with your dog we have seen it and dealt with it.

dog training richmond va, off leash dogs, happy dogs
dog training richmond va, happy dog

Peace Of Mind

We all get pets to include them in our lives. However, having a companion who doesn’t listen or is not well-behaved creates unnecessary stress and anxiety. With our expert guidance and practical training techniques, you can rest assured that your beloved canine companion will display impeccable behavior and manners even in the most challenging, high-distraction environments. Our proven methods and personalized approach ensure that both you and your dog develop a strong bond of trust and mutual respect, allowing for a seamless and safe integration into everyday life.

Our Programs

A wide array of specialized programs that cater to your dog's individual needs, ranging from resolving common to severe behavioral issues to mastering the art of off-leash training and advanced obedience training. Our experienced trainers utilize various effective techniques and methods to ensure your furry friend not only receives a comprehensive education but also gains confidence in their skills. With our programs, you can be confident that your dog will become a happier and more well-rounded companion in no time.
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Leash Training

Refine your walking skills with our professional training. Our skilled team will help you establish a strong foundation for heel walking while guiding you in communication techniques for a harmonious walk. Begin your journey today!

off leash dog training richmond va

Basic Training

Our trainers can help with behavioral issues and teach leash walking and advanced off leash techniques. We offer personalized training. Contact us for a better relationship with your furry friend!

off leash dog training richmond va

Rehab Training

Our Rehabilitation Bootcamp Program offers a comprehensive approach to severe dog aggression and problematic behaviors. Our skilled trainers guide your furry friend towards a better quality of life, effectively addressing fear, aggression, and other troubling behaviors.

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Off Leash Training

Off leash training is crucial for a well-behaved pet. Our trainers provide comprehensive training for reliable recall, off leash heel, and in motion commands. Our program equips furry friends with essential skills for off-leash situations.

The Proof Is In the Reviews

See the Incredible Feedback from Our Valued Clients

Andrew Romanchik
Andrew Romanchik
We had a great experience with Carl from Calm K9. From the beginning, he was flexible with our tough schedules, and made a serious effort to make sure this program worked. Each week we saw huge improvements with our dog, and look forward to keeping our training going with her. Thank you again to Carl and Calm K9 for the support. Highly recommend!
Angel Alston
Angel Alston
David and Carl are both GREAT with our rowdy rottie! He's so calm with them. They not only taught him to react on command but also gave us the tools and tips to train at home and reinforce the lessons he's been taught. Now walks are less worrisome and he listens on first command. 10/10 I highly recommend Calm K9!!!!
Cara Frey
Cara Frey
Carl was great! He helped my boyfriend and I a lot with our dog pumpkin.
Katie Sobczak
Katie Sobczak
Carl is great at reading a dog and its environment and knowing how to approach training for that specific scenario. He taught us how to apply all of the training to our two young dogs and they have significantly improved! I was very much worried about taking them to my mom's house since she has a dog and I really didn't know how it would go between the three of them. We let them meet off leash in the fenced in yard and then were able to bring them inside. Having a solid "place" command was crucial to this! They were able to place in their beds in the living room while the dog whose home it was was able to continue his normal behavior. This led to a happy visit! Thank you for teaching us that it is possible to have happy and calm dogs in any situation. I am currently beefing up on the off leash portion of the training and am well equipped with the knowledge to do so thanks to this training program. Thanks again!
Corey Iglesias
Corey Iglesias
We have 2 pit mixes we adopted from RACC. Both with differing issues. David is an extremely knowledgeable trainer and our dogs are completely different pets now. We always get compliments on their off leash manners out around town.
Connell Mullins
Connell Mullins
Carl with Calm K9 did a great job teaching us how to train our energetic 1 year old puppy. I highly recommend the bootcamp program.
Kortney Jordan
Kortney Jordan
We finished bootcamp with David a little over a year ago and I can not express how much that experience made not only Peter's life better but mine as well. Before training, Peter couldn't go on walks, he had aggressive tendances towards most people and other dogs, and rarely got to go on outings with our other dogs. In the year following the training, Peter gets to go on walks everyday and regularly goes out for either just car rides or trips to the mountains to hike. If you are considering training your dog, this is the place. Don't be fooled, it is a lot of hard work and a bit of a lifestyle change but it is beyond worth it to be able to provide your dog with the life they deserve.
Jaclyn Schmidt
Jaclyn Schmidt
We just finished our last training session and as soon as we left, we said “that was money very well spent”. After 4 weeks of bootcamp training our dog no longer barks at us in the house and we have all the tools we need to continue to ensure he gets better and better about his leash reactivity. I thought there was no way he’d be this good after such a short amount of time but he is! It takes a good amount of work on your end (the pet parent) but we expected that up front and it allows you to be able to continue the training and obedience forever. I highly recommend working with David to ensure you have a calm k9. We did a lot of research before hiring him and are so glad we ultimately chose to work with David!
Calm K9 training completely changed our dog. Although he didn’t have the worst behavioral problems, his behavior made both him and us unhappy. Cookie is so much more confident, relaxed, well behaved, and all around happy thanks to Calm K9s and, specifically, Carl. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t magic. You need to do the work and you can’t just go back to how things were before. It is a bit of a lifestyle change. But it will bring you and your dog closer and give you a better understanding of dog behavior. It is worth every second and every penny. I would recommend Calm K9s to anyone. We love Carl!!!!!
Alissa Seay
Alissa Seay
My dog, Les showed extreme aggression towards people and animals before meeting David. He couldn’t be out if someone new was over, I couldn’t take him on walks, or anywhere really. I lived in fear of what les could do to others, and was constantly anxious. Les did the 3 week rehabilitation bootcamp with David and came back a totally different dog. He is now calm, and not a ball of anxiety. I can walk him with no issues, and even have people over. I no longer have to live in fear of Les showing aggression. I couldn’t be happier or more grateful!

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We service Richmond and the Greater Richmond areas: Atlee, Bon Air, Chester, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Hanover, Henrico, Highland Springs, Lakeside, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Montrose, Moseley, Prince George, Sandston, Short Pump, Tuckahoe, Varina, and more.

Rather than simply training your dog within the confines of a traditional facility, our team of expert trainers will bring our services directly to you and your furry friend! We firmly believe that teaching your dog in real-world, dynamic environments is much more effective than relying solely on sterile training spaces. After all, your pup needs to be able to operate confidently in a wide variety of settings and situations!

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